- Taner Istifli
(Oviedo, FL)

I decided to launch my online jewelry business back in August of 2021. After purchasing my inventory, I hired a tech company to build my website with the goal to be selling by the holiday season, but that tech company failed me badly. After that, I hired two more companies that left me with the same result. After being left in the dark, I came across Stargems and decided to take my chance with them.

I spoke with Anish Desai for our initial meeting, who gave me amazing feedback about all the mistakes that were done by the previous tech companies that made me lose many months of revenue. Once I started working with the support team, I was extremely impressed that they were asking me proper questions to understand my expectations and create a roadmap to achieve my goal. The complete process was very constructive as they were always responsive to my requests. They have been patient with me even though I asked for many changes. Finally, my website was completed by the amazing support team which enabled me to launch my belated business. I am very appreciative to everyone who took part in completing my project.

Dylan Rings
- Josh Rider
(Montgomery, AL)

    Shout out to Anish Desai and his team!! If you have been putting off the decision to revamp you website...Stop and call Anish today!! I built my first website with a website for dummies program, and it became to much for me to keep up to date and active. Then I hired a marketing a company locally to do it, and my website was going no where fast!! Since we went live 2 weeks ago with my website from Anish, we have had more engagement and sales and repairs driven into our store than my website has ever done!! Heck we had 4 emails from folks with in the first 2 hours of going Live!! Stop proscrastinating and call Anish and his team and get your website up and going in the right direction!! Thanks Anish and let your team know we are thrilled with our new website!!!

    North Georgia Diamond
    - Bill
    (East Ellijay, GA)

      You make our day every day by doing a great job maintaining our website!

      Borthwick jewelry, inc
      - Tom
      (Ferndale, WA)

        Our web site is fabulous ! Prerak makes it so easy to do changes. They get them done within a day or two. They create some fabulous designs from our ideas we email them about. I am the envy of all my competitors as the can't believe my site looks like a multi million dollars corporation site. They are reaching out to me asking if they can change anything.

        My company loves Prerak and could not have a great website without them. They are fast, organized and I recommend there services to everyone. I will even take phone calls if you personally want to talk to me about how wonderful Prerak is. 360 -384-2803.

        The price to maintain my site is reasonable, I don't have enough good things to say. Use Prerak if your smart they are organized, efficient and perfect!

        Borthwick Jewelry
        - Tom
        (Ferndale, WA)

          You Guys are wonderful. You have great people :)

          Thanks again you guys are the best people we really appreciate you,

          - Quinn's Goldsmith Inc.
          (Occoquan, VA)

            Deepali I I just want you to know how impressed I am with you. Your great, thank you for all the hard work and always being so nice.

            The Senior Movers
            - Paul Burkhardt
            (Macomb County)

              Thank you Samir- and Thank you again for everything. Very pleased with our work together. Prerakit has been an integral part of our growth as a company and we are very thankful!

              The Senior Movers
              - Paul Burkhardt
              (Macomb County)


                I know I have said this before, but I wanted to take a quick moment again and say, Thank you for everything.

                You and your team are terrific. I couldn't be happier and I appreciate everything Krimmy does for me and on short notice a lot of times. Her work is fantastic :)

                As time goes on, I look forward to expanding upon the business we do together.

                Thanks again!

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                The Senior Movers
                - Paul Burkhardt
                (Macomb County)

                  Thank you for all of your diligent and hard work. It is much appreciated.

                  PS. Tell Samir, my friend Joe that I referred to you guys a while back. Samir has been talking to him, Im really trying to convince him to move forward with you guys. I have told him how awesome you guys are and what great work you do. I'm hopeful he moves forward with you guys real soon

                  Dominic's Fine Jewelry
                  - Christina Iannucci

                    Wow. Thank you so much!!
                    We appreciate everything you do!