Third party Tool Integration

Third Party tools are the programs that connect functionalities with your website to enhance the overall functioning. Your website when built has a set of features for your targeted audience but as new trends come in there might be a need for adding new features - this is where the third party integration come into picture. Website Integration is a process of connecting third party app with website.

Why Use a Third-Party Integration for Your Website?
Third party tools help in enhancing your website in countless ways. The purpose of third-party app integration is to simplify the evolution of your online presence. You can find all sorts of third-party applications that add functionality and features to make your website user friendly.

Here are some of the major reasons why third-party integration services will benefit your business.

  • Enhances website features
  • Saves time (integration are a quick fix compared to developing from scratch).
  • Reduces work helping you to focus on your core business
  • Helps keep website updated with the recent trend

Third party Tool Integration

Below are some examples of third-party tools that are popular:

  • Google Analytics: For tracking & collecting information of the visitors visiting your website.
  • Google Maps: Most popular geolocation API.
  • Stripe & PayPal: Popular Payment Gatways, used in eCommerce websites for online checkout process.
  • Chat Widgets Like TextMeChat: Chat widgets are very popular these days as it helps connect the customers with the store immediately and have a faster response time.
  • Feeds: You can add some widgets like Testimonial feeds, Facebook post feed or Instagram feeds on website, this is very popular these days. You can automatically sync fresh content with your website, which is usually created by your most loyal followers. And showcasing this type of user-generated content will eventually help you build trust and lead to more conversions

On and above the ones mentioned, there are many other third-party tools which can help enhance your website.