Social Media (SMO) & It's Impact On Marketing

A good digital marketing strategy is one that empowers your brand, but a great digital marketing strategy is one that empowers your consumer. Social media has totally transformed the jewelry business. It has become one of the most important channels in digital marketing. Saying in our jewelry industry is true where the customer is “Queen”.

Social media open up access to entire world and thus opens up market to reach thousands of customers locally and millions of customers worldwide.

Many people don't buy the first time they visit you. That's where social media comes in and why it's important to publicize your other marketing.

  • Increase Your Website Traffic: Social media provides a cost-effective way to generate new traffic to your website. You can start for free with a Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Post content, gain followers and grow your audience. 
  • Generate Word-Of-Mouth Marketing: Anything you post on social media is easily shared. If you have a great deal or promotion you are running, your offer is only a click away from reaching someone’s friends or family members.
  • Engage With Your Audience: Social media allows you to interact with your audience on a deep and personal level. They can like, comment and share your posts, as well as ask any jewellery-related questions they might have. 
  • Boost Your Brand Loyalty: Social media gives you the opportunity to always remain in front of your audience. And when the time comes to buy, they’ll remember you! That’s brand loyalty.

Social Media & It